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About Us

With  Domus Pizza, we create an entirely new category of home pizza that

offer to real pizza lovers the quality the freshness and healthiness of an artisanal pizza to be enjoyed in their home

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pinsa romana crust


a gourmet pizza


Due to our proprietary "Dough Methodology", high hydration, and lengthy cold fermentation process, our Pinsa Romana is more wholesome, digestible, low calorie, low carb, and low fat than any other Pinsa or classic pizza.

Pinsa is an innovative food product because it perfectly matches the growing demand for natural, healthy, and high-quality food.

Pinsa is made with:

  • all-natural, Non-GMO ingredients

  • Extra Vergin Olive Oil

  • no added additives or preservatives

  • no added sugar

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Today the convenience of stored frozen pizzas, thawed and sold as fresh often result in very poor quality products. 

Today no longer is it necessary to choose between the convenience of frozen or the flavor of fresh.

With IDF, you get both!

After years of testing the perfect combination among flours, kneading, storage temperatures, and other details, our proprietary "Dough Methodology” was born that boosts in a previously frozen pizza the entire range of sensory qualities found in fresh pizza

Private Labels

Our in-house Italian chefs create authentic Roman-style pizzas, with custom-created recipes and high-quality ingredients

We manage the development of your pizza program whether it is an existing recipe or a new product idea to bring to market.

We work closely with you every step along the way through market research, formulation, testing, costing and flavor

About US

At the beginning of the '80s in Rome, the concept of pizza was evolved and modified: from a heavy and fatty product to a light, genuine and healthy meal, rich in proteins and in high nutrition values.

This change was possible thanks to the devotion and constant research in new mix of flours and artisanal mixing techniques. Italian Dough Factory Founder's mission is to bring for the first time to the US wholesale environment the unique knowledge developed in Italy over his 30 years of experience.

Today in the US, industrial pizza production uses animal fat, high quantity of yeast and chemical additives which cause intolerance, allergies, stomach bloating and skin disorders.

At IDF we use only non-GMO flours with no chemical addictive nor preservatives which, along with our proprietary Dough Methodology, allow us to replace harmful substances with only healthy ingredients.

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